BCI papers

21 Feb 2020

FES paper by Prof Miller

  • FES = implanted electrode in muscles.
  • Use intracortical recordings from M1 to predict muscle contractions in three groups of muscles.
  • During experiment, block muscle groups.
    • Grasping dysfunctional when muscle contractions blocked.
    • Grasping restored by FES stimulation predicted from M1 recordings.

2 Feb 2020

LFP paper by Rosa

  • Use mean power of LFP between 200Hz – 400Hz band. For each channel compute mean power.
  • decoded into 4 class (wheel chair task)
  • uses LDA for decoding
  • Adaptive
    • method 1: update dataset used to train LDA
      • there is a fix set of training data used to compute LDA model. The training dataset is a fixed size. Update training dataset when you have good data.
      • criteria
        • predict probability > 99%
        • same output in previous 5 timesteps
    • method 2: adaptive channel selection



LFP paper by Marc Slutzky

19 Jan 2020

[Brain-computer interfaces for dissecting cognitive processes underlying sensorimotor control]



29th Nov 2019

Rajesh Rao: Brain-computer interfacing: an introduction

20 nov 2019

Approaches to large scale neural recording by chronic implants for mobile BCIs

15 nov 2019

several papers by Zhang Yin and Steven Chase

talk to public by Jose Carmena


6 nov 2019

blog post about rao’s paper

rao’s paper about bidirectional neural interfaces

5 nov 2019


Intracortical recording stability in human brain–computer interface users


Current Challenges Facing the Translation of Brain Computer Interfaces from Preclinical Trials to Use in Human Patients (2016)


[Silicon Valley new focus on brain computer interface: hype or hope for new applications? (2016)](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6343225/)


invasive vs non invasive signals for BCI. Will one prevail (2016)



3 nov 2019


konrad kording interview


konrad kording podcast neuralink

physical principles for scalable neural recording

neurallink live coverage by andrew hires

flexible electrodes (2017)


rethinking BCIs ted talk


direct neural interface – justin sanchez

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